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Tobias Skogquist, the creative director of Plaza Uomo favorites Shirtonomy, is launching a new concept in Stockholm that is the very essence of sustainability. A select few of Sweden’s best dressed men will be selling clothes, shoes and accessories from their personal wardrobes. In other words, premium clothing with fantastic lifespans gets a second life on the backs of new owners.

The prices will be in the range of 200 – 3000 SEK, which is hard to beat, considering the type of garments we are talking about.

So, besides getting the opportunity to talk tailoring, shoe and tie making with some very initiated people, you can also get your hands on grail items, at unparalleled prices.

We applaud this initiative!

Date & time: May 11th, 11 am – 7 pm

Place: Jungfrugatan 29, Stockholm


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