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Pitti 95 – Streetstyle

We went to Pitti Uomo 95 to get inspired by exhibitors and visitors alike, and boy did we get inspired. This is a small selection of the streetstyle photos we took during the fair.  A wider selection can be seen in the next issue of Plaza Uomo. All photos by […]

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Club Vintage

Tobias Skogquist, the creative director of Plaza Uomo favorites Shirtonomy, is launching a new concept in Stockholm that is the very essence of sustainability. A select few of Sweden’s best dressed men will be selling clothes, shoes and accessories from their personal wardrobes. In other words, premium clothing with fantastic […]


The Shoe Artist

Occasionally, reality throws you a curveball. You have a perfect plan that you’ve decided to follow to the letter. Then, something makes everything go a completely different way. This happened to me with Norman Vilalta. I was on a holiday in Barcelona with my fiancée and had decided to write […]

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The city of romance is a veritable treasure trove for the connoisseur of classic menswear   Aubercy Established by Emile Aubercy in 1956, who set up shop in Rue Vivienne due toc its proximity to the Bourse – shrewd businessman that he was, he realised stockbrokers needed something equally elegant […]


The Duffle Coat

As is true for so many other staples in the classically-inclined man’s wardrobe, the duffel (or duffle, depending on who you ask) coat has military roots. Supposedly, the coat originally got its name from a Belgian town with the same name, that for centuries has been the production site for […]